GMK Money Transfer Scam

This site is to expose the fraudulaent and scam activities of Mr. Rasaki Obafemi Anifowoshe, the sole trader who trades under the name of GMK Money Transfer, GMK ePay Secure and GMK Trading.

Here are the websites that he operates from, and

Whatever you do, do not use these services for the transfer of your money to anywhere unless you are happy to engage yourself with a runaround with Mr. Rasaki Obafemi Anifowoshe – writing multiple emails, reporting him to the FCA and the Financial Umbudsman.

Mr. Rasaki Obafemi Anifowoshe will not transfer your money as agreed. After he has taken your money, he will advise you that he has a complaints procedure on his website which will take you down a lenthy process of waiting for email replies from him, reporting him to the FCA and the Financial Umbudsman and potential litigation. We are still in this process all just for paying Mr. Rasaki Obafemi Anifowoshe of GMK Money Transfer money to do a simple exchange money transfer.

GMK Money Transfer (Rasaki Obafemi Anifowoshe) is running a fraudulaent/scam sole trader business. Spare yourself the trouble and avoid this man!

GMK Money Transfer postal address is a virtual postal address and his office does not actually exist at this address. His real home address where he operates from is not on his website. Extensive search of his real address revealed 2 addresses in Hertfordshire below but we cannot be certain if these are correct;

18 Severnmead, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England, HP2 6DX, UK and 8 Trajan Gate, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, SG2 7QG, UK.

The various Faces for The “GMK” Group of Scamming Business

Below are the logos of his sole trader business – GMK Money Transfer and GMK ePay and a photo of Mr. Rasaki Obafemi Anifowoshe himself. Avoid them for your so you don’t get scammed.

GMK Money Transfer Scammer's Logos n Photo

If you have any doubts, you may use our contact page to contact us for more information.